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Three year old bachelor, Milagro

Three year old bachelor, Milagro

It has been pretty busy around here.  Colts have been chased out of family bands, and going it on their own.   Milagro, who is only three years old, managed to steal Raine and her foal, Faith for several days.  Then Raine led him back to the house, knowing that Napoleon would find her there.  So Milagro is back with the boys.  He was a good band stallion for a few days, he looked exhausted though.








Young bachelor, Sammy

Young bachelor, Sammy

Sammy is Beamer’s boy and the grandson of Paco. Sammy got lost when he was only ten days old and Sam who works for Melby Ranch found him wandering around by himself.  Evan Melby called me and I knew who his mother was and they were reunited……happy ending for the little guy. Now he is all grown up and out with the bachelors.







Button and baby, 4 hours old.

Button and baby, 4 hours old.

Another new baby arrived,  his mother is Button.  She brought the baby to show me and hung out for a few hours until the rest of the band came in for water later in the day.




The babies are growing fast. It is amazing how resilient they are at such an early age. The three girls born on Easter weekend  are so cute and their personalities are so different. They are Hope, Faith and April.




Lightening’s band has three new babies. Some of the mom’s are


very protective when the babies are first born.  The mare on Lightening’s right is CeCe who was born in my yard. The colt on her right is her yearling son and the little on is this years son.







1541-Blue's-First-for-2013Blue’s band has had one baby so far.













Storm’s band has three foals but mom’s are camera shy.