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This is Beamer’s Band, they get very excited when I show up with a bale of hay. I drop bales every couple of days when it is so cold.  Happy New Year to All!  Stay warm.

I will be so glad when this winter is over. In my nine winters on the mesa, it has never been this cold, this early. At 2 am is was -12 and still -10 at 7 am. These are February temperatures. It has been this cold for well over a week.  It is up to 15 degrees now at 10 am. I feel so sorry for the animals that have to endure these temperatures, wildlife and domestic. Those of you who know Boots, the mare that had the back injury. Her arthritis really slows her down in this cold. I have been letting her eat in the garage.  It is so cold I have been closing the garage door so the water pipe don’t freeze (they freeze anyway). Boots will be OK for about an hour and then she kicks the door to go out. She is quite a character. The picture is of Napoleon’s band hanging out in the yard.


0003-Napoleon-&-Casanova 0004-Casanova-&-Band 0004-CasanovaIt has been really cold already. The bands of horses have been gathering in the yard looking for hay. It’s amazing how well the bands all get along. The stallion, Napoleon, who claims this territory is being very gracious about allowing all the males in the yard.  This morning there are three bands, all with stallions and seven young bachelor stallions…..and three lost cows. Thirty five horses, all cold and hungry.