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Spirit of the Wild Horse is doing some birth control on a couple of the bands. We are birth controlling some of the younger mares so they don’t start breeding so young. The birth control is PZP which lasts for two years.  It is not sterilization. We did the “primer” last Saturday and will be doing the follow up on May 3rd.  So that we have more control over where the horses go,  making it easier for me to find them, we are continuing the feeding until May 3rd.

Any help with the hay would be greatly appreciated. We are still paying off the winter feed bill.


This gorgeous little darling is Blue’s newest born on the 15th. Mother is Misty who was born in my yard five years ago.0009-Blue-Baby 0011-Blue-Baby-2

This is Miranda, a first time mother and her daughter Angel, born this morning in the snow. This is one of those spring storms that dump a lot of snow quickly and moves on. It will all be melted by afternoon.4137-Miranda-&-Angel 4140-Miranda-&-Angel