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The babies are growing fast. It is amazing how resilient they are at such an early age. The three girls born on Easter weekend  are so cute and their personalities are so different. They are Hope, Faith and April.




Lightening’s band has three new babies. Some of the mom’s are


very protective when the babies are first born.  The mare on Lightening’s right is CeCe who was born in my yard. The colt on her right is her yearling son and the little on is this years son.







1541-Blue's-First-for-2013Blue’s band has had one baby so far.













Storm’s band has three foals but mom’s are camera shy.







1296-Mandy-giving-Birth-8Easter weekend was very special this year, on Good Friday two new wild horses were born and on Easter Sunday a third was born.  Raine (standing) gave birth around 5 pm and it triggered Mandy (Raine’s daughter) into labor. The 2nd baby was born at 6 pm. Mandy is a young 2 1/2 year old first time mother. She was exhausted. When I arrived she wasn’t moving and the baby wasn’t breathing. So I decided to assist. I broke the sack open so the baby could get air and helped her out a little further. Once her rib cage was expelled Mandy was able to continue the process. I named her Faith; she was a little premature and small but doing fine. It only took her 30 minutes to get to her feet. The really interesting thing to this birth, the babies have switched mothers. Raine is nursing her granddaughter and Mandy is nursing her sister.  The switch is permanent. If I hadn’t witnessed the switch, I would not have believed it.

Lily gave birth on Easter Sunday at 5 pm. All babies are doing well. These horses are part of the herd on Wild Horse Mesa at the New Mexico / Colorado border. Usually the babies are born at night in the trees and I get to see them the next day. I have lived with the horses for eight years and they trust me, so it didn’t bother them that I helped. Maybe that was the plan. It was an experience I will never forget.

Spirit of the Wild Horse, a nonprofit foundation is looking for sponsors for this year’s babies to raise money for next winters hay.  The continuing drought makes winter foraging hard for the bands of horses.  By offering hay every couple of day, the horses stay on the mesa and off the highway and ranches. For more information, donate hay or to sponsor a baby, email: 1285-Mandy-giving-Birth-6 1281-Mandy-giving-Birth-5 1276-Mandy-giving-Birth-4