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To my surprise Maggie and Blue have a new baby daughter. Today was her first day as a wild horse. She is going to be a roan like daddy, most likely a bay roan.  She has an outgoing personality and is strong and healthy.  She is so cute!  She has quite a challenge being born this time of year in the snow.  0002-January-Blue 0010-January-Blue 0024-January-BlueMisty may be having her baby soon, she joined Blue at the same time Maggie did……….11 months ago.

I drove out early today and delivered hay to all the bands. Beautiful day today, a little chilly but not bad.

The top two pics are Beamer and his girls and son. The bottom pictures are of Blue and his girls. All the horses are very fit for the winter.0057-Beamer 0053-Braveheart-Darling-&-Beamer 0025-Blue 0062-Blue's-Girls

This is Beamer’s Band, they get very excited when I show up with a bale of hay. I drop bales every couple of days when it is so cold.  Happy New Year to All!  Stay warm.

0003-Napoleon-&-Casanova 0004-Casanova-&-Band 0004-CasanovaIt has been really cold already. The bands of horses have been gathering in the yard looking for hay. It’s amazing how well the bands all get along. The stallion, Napoleon, who claims this territory is being very gracious about allowing all the males in the yard.  This morning there are three bands, all with stallions and seven young bachelor stallions…..and three lost cows. Thirty five horses, all cold and hungry.



The babies are growing fast. It is amazing how resilient they are at such an early age. The three girls born on Easter weekend  are so cute and their personalities are so different. They are Hope, Faith and April.




Lightening’s band has three new babies. Some of the mom’s are


very protective when the babies are first born.  The mare on Lightening’s right is CeCe who was born in my yard. The colt on her right is her yearling son and the little on is this years son.







1541-Blue's-First-for-2013Blue’s band has had one baby so far.













Storm’s band has three foals but mom’s are camera shy.